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Teens in the Kitchen – Test it Out

Does your teenager help with family mealtime preparation?  While my children aren’t quite in their teen years yet, I hope by the time they are, I’ll have at least inspired them to become interested in what goes on in the kitchen.

Teaching your teen to cook a family meal – even just once a week – is a great win/win for parents and teens – parents get a night off and teenagers gain a lifelong skill. I’m a strong believer in the earlier we can introduce our kids to the “lay of the land” in the kitchen, the more likely they’ll become confident cooks and learn how to make healthy meals at home.

I recently read about a new website called ItsMyTurnToCook.com, presented by a New Zealand teenager Claire Gourley, and it’s full of recipes, tips and ideas to inspire teens to have fun in the kitchen and start learning how to make a meal.

The site is aimed at teens so it includes foods and recipes that most teenagers tend to eat and also includes many embedded YouTube videos to make it more interactive and engaging.  “It’s My Turn to Cook” also started an ebook series and the first one is based on potatoes, a food most teens love, with a wide range of meals – from filled baked potatoes, soup, potato wedges, and a warm potato salad. The site is worth a visit if you need some inspiration for your teen.

Whatever method works for you to introduce your teen to the kitchen – go for it. Of course after much effort you may find out cooking isn’t something they love to do, but teaching them the basic skills is a priceless lesson.

Anyone have a teenager kitchen success story?


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