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Wholesale Shopping 101

Most of us belong to a wholesale club because it certainly can save a lot of money.  Like anything, if we get carried away it can cost us more than we saved. 

As with any shopping you should always have a shopping list to avoid impulse purchases.  Impulse purchases are much more costly in bulk.  Be sure you have a master checklist since you usually buy the same things.  You should also really consider what you are buying and if you really need that much.  I know that I have to really rally my will power when I step in the store.  It’s really hard to think past lots more for lots less.  But often times, I don’t need more no matter how much less it is.

Another good rule of thumb is, don’t buy something new or for the first time at a wholesale store.  Try it from a regular store in a smaller size.  Even if you taste a sample and like it.  I really recommend waiting and getting a smaller size elsewhere.

Consider these things for all of your purchases:  What is the shelf life?  Can I freeze it?  Are we going to be able to eat  all of this before it goes bad?

Obvious things I buy that will never go bad are: toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, and cleaning supplies.  Things that we eat lots of and I am better off buying in bulk are: cheese, eggs, refried beans (cans), and fruit snacks.

As for things that freeze, I buy chicken breasts, sausage, and bacon.

Make your master list and go through it before making your shopping list.  I only go to the wholesale store once a month, so I go through my master list and make sure I have enough of everything to make it through another month until my next trip.  These tips should make your next wholesale shopping trip a little more conservative and a little less impulsive.



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Treat yourself with the money saved cooking

It’s 5:00 and inevitably time to think about dinner.  Going out would be so much easier than whipping something up.  Consider the amount of money you would save by staying in.  To really make it worth, put that money to good use.  What’s something for your kitchen that you’ve been wanting?  Maybe it’s a bigger crockpot or something as small as a mango corer.  Whatever it is, use the money you saved cooking dinner when you really didn’t feel like it.  It will be an investment in your future meals and a well deserved treat.

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