Breakfast in Bed

When I think of Mother’s Day, I think of breakfast in bed.  In fact, my kids get so excited over making me breakfast in bed, they count down the days.  My birthday falls 2 days before Mother’s Day this year, so they’ve planned to each take a day of breakfast in bed.  So even if it doesn’t sound like too much fun for you, think of how fun it is for your kiddos.  To make your life a little easier, I’ve made a list for all of you moms to print up on Saturday night and leave in a very obvious spot for Sunday morning.

1)  Use a sturdy tray that won’t tip over and is big enough to hold several dishes. 

2)  Bring something to read, such as the newspaper, up with breakfast.
3)  Fresh flowers (just from outside) make a great touch.
4)  Clean the dishes you dirtied making breakfast before Mom finishes eating in bed.
5)  Carry glasses with liquids separately, not on the tray.
6)  It’s the thought that counts and we will love anything we didn’t have make.
7)  Don’t wait until Mother’s Day to do this again.
Have a Very Happy Mother’s Day, from one Happy Mom to another!!

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