I Love April Fool’s Day!!

I have ALWAYS loved April Fool’s Day.  When I was little, I would get my mom every single year by waking up and telling her one of her earrings fell out.  They were diamonds and she treasured them.  Every year she would gasp and grab her ears.  I would laugh and laugh and say “April Fool’s!”  My love for this day of prank has not faded.  Now my husband and children are my targets – hee, hee!!

Lunch boxes are an April Fool’s goldmine.  You can do so many things in your kids lunch box.  Last year, I pulled the end of a dumb dumb sucker off and stuck a grape on it.  Then I wrapped it back up.  You could also get a ring pop wrapper and put a rock or a piece of broccoli in it.  Then reseal it with tape from the inside.  You can easily take any yummy snack and replace it something a little less desirable.

For dinner, colored mashed potatoes look just like frosting.  Make meatloaf cupcakes.  Bake your favorite meatloaf recipe in individual cupcake tins.  Spread with colored mashed potatoes and you have the perfect “Fake” cupcake.  Rolled up green Starbursts candy look just like  green peas.  Tomato juice looks just kool-aid.  The possibilities are endless.  Get creative and have fun.  Your family will love it!!


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