Trying New Things

When is the last time you ate something you’ve never had before.  If you are like most people, it’s been a while.  Have you ever gotten it in your head that you don’t like something even though you’ve never tried it or had a bad experience with it a long time ago?  Guilty as charged.  I’m the worst for this, but trying to get better.  It’s really hard to expect my kids to try new things when I am so unwilling to do so.  With this new mission in mind, I am trying curry today for the 2nd time ever.  The first time was probably 15 years ago.  I just remember my friend comparing the smell of it to feet and that was all it took.  I have not tried it since.  I’m actually excited to cook with it tonight and give it another chance.  This will be a 2 part blog.  I will return after dinner to let you know  how my curry experience went.  In the meantime, think of something new you would like to try.  What weird hang-ups do you have about certain foods?  Do you wonder what you might be missing out on?

Part 2:  I’m back.  Mmmmm – that was pretty good!!!  Everyone except Lily really liked it.  Now why in the world have I waited 15 years to try cooking with curry.  Pick one new food to try this week.  I want to hear all about it.  I’ll post it on my blog with your permission.  I also want to hear what has kept you from trying it before.  Next on my list is ….. fennel.  I’ll let you know how it goes.


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