CSAP Time – Foods for Brain Power & Notes of Encouragement

You’ve probably been getting letters sent home about feeding your kids a good breakfast during CSAP.  Now you are thinking, how much earlier do I have to get up to make this happen.  The good news is, not earlier at all.  Cut up a bowl of fruit tonight before you go to bed.  Toss it in a little lemon juice, so it doesn’t turn brown.  In the morning, scramble 2 eggs in a microwave safe bowl.  Season to taste and put in the microwave for one minute.  Add a scoop of shredded cheddar to the top and you are all done.  Do this for each serving.  Add a scoop of your already cut up fruit and you have a breakfast with brain power written all over it.  If you have to send snacks, send a sliced apple with a small container of peanut butter.  Again, you have a little fruit and a little protein.  Be sure to pack healthy lunch that also consists of a fruit or vegetable and a protein.  CSAP’s are stressful enough for the kids, don’t let it stress you out too.  Good luck on your CSAP  – downloadable notes of encouragement to pack in lunch boxes & backpacks this week .


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