Broth – To Make It or Buy It

Broth is easy enough to buy, but did you know, it’s just as easy to make it.  Homemade broth is what gives soup it’s healing powers.  Broth by definition is .  Not only is it more nutritious, it tastes absolutely delicious.

Think of broth as the best way to recycle bones, carcasses, vegetable part and pieces – things we would typically throw away.  Did you know that all of the bones we toss provide a ton of nutrition once we boil it.

Another great thing about making your own broth is that you can make a bunch and freeze it.  You can freeze it in different size servings.  Ice cube trays work great for small servings and plastic freezer bags also work great for a can sized serving.

For chicken or beef broth, boil the following ingredients in a large pot (about 2 -3 quarts) of water. 

•Meaty carcass remains or bones
•Two and a half to three quarts of water
•One or two washed, chopped large carrots
•One or two large, peeled quartered onions
•Two stalks of chopped celery

For vegetable broth, use the same ingredients without the meaty carcass or bones.

1)  Bring to a boil, reduce heat, cover and simmer for at least eight hours. You can also use the crock pot and let it cook on low all day.

2)  After about eight hours, drain the mixture through a colander into a large bowl, capturing only the broth.

3)  Discard the cooked vegetables. If you want to add turkey or chicken meat to the broth, wait for the carcass to cool and then take the meat from the bones and add it to the broth.

The best thing about making your own broth is that it’s always on hand when you need it.


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