Family Night

Those of you who get my newsletters or emails have often heard me mention Family Night.  What is Family Night?  You can pretty easily guess by the name of it, that it’s a designated night just to hang out as a family.  For us, it’s always Friday night.  It’s a little harder in the summer because we are traveling a lot or outside late.  But, now it’s fall and time to put Family Night back in motion. 

At the Billesbach Pad, Family Night is always spent at home – free and clear of distractions.  We spend lots of time all week together away from home, so it’s a real treat to stay in and hang out.  The kids are in charge of family night, so they get to choose the dessert and the activity.  I have several recipes that I consider to be “Fun” food, such as Nachos, Quesadillas, Sliders.  It’s usually finger food.  I just have it in my head that finger foods are “fun.”  There’s always a dessert.  The kids get to choose the dessert, but if I’m not really in the mood to bake or go all out, I can easily persuade them into Sundaes, Shakes, or Root Beer Floats.  The best part is the activity.  It can be anything from a board game, to a craft project, to a science experience (that’s what Kate calls an experiment.) 

If once a week is unreasonable at your house, aim for once a month.  The first Friday, Saturday, or Sunday of the month.  It doesn’t even have to be at night.  Make 1 Sunday at month, Family Day.  The idea is to set in stone a time that you will make spending time as a family your highest priority.

My favorite memory is watching my husband (who is truly the best sport ever) play Pretty, Pretty, Princess.  I know the kids will always remember that and many other fun times we’ve had on Family Night.  And isn’t that what it’s really all about.


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