A Friend in Organization

We all wish we were a little more organized.  I get so excited when I organize just one drawer.  How excited would you be if I told you I have found a website who specializes in helping you get organized?  Katie Hunt is the founder and owner of  www.livethesimplelife.net.  Agghh – doesn’t that sound nice – the simple life.  If you are running always running around like a chicken with your head cut off, check out Katie’s website.  Even if you don’t think you can achieve simple, look for tips that help make your life a little simpler.  Katie believes that when you are organized, put together and ready to take on everyday life, that your life will be more fulfilling and much easier to enjoy!  Be sure to check her great tips for getting your life a little less chaotic.


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  1. Tammy Fimrite

    I was in the process of joining Menu for the Week, but I could not remember my paypal password so I entered my credit card info and when I pressed submit it asked me again if I wanted to pay with paypal so I tried getting a hold of my paypal password which paypal said they would be emailing to me but after hours I still have not received it. I do not want to accidentally register again not knowing for sure whether my first registration had finished going through or not. Please let me know whether it had or not. Thank-you. trf0219

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