When Life Gives you Dirty Laundry, Make Peach Jam

I am the queen of a wild hair and a wild hair is exactly what possessed me to give homemade jam a try.  That and a ton of very ripe and delicious peaches.  I have a mental bucket list of things I eventually want to make and jam is on that list.  So today I earned my jam making badge and scratched another thing off my bucket list.

After doing lots of research on google, I decided to go with a cooking method.  I also decided on the boiling method for canning.  I went to the store and made sure I had everything I needed to get started.  Of course, I forgot that I needed lemon juice and thanks to a kid that loves lemon in her water, I had none.  Oh well – no lemon juice for this jam.

I am not a very patient person, which is definitely not conducive to jam making.  I waited until the kiddos were in school and set my mind to patiently making this happen.  I read the directions about 10 times just to make sure I had it right.  The first thing I had to do was blanch my peaches.  I’ve never blanched anything, so this was a little scary.  Voila – it worked like a charm and the skin came right off.  This gave me just the confidence I needed to carry on.

The rest was pretty simple.  The constant stirring about did me in.  I learned that a hard rolling boil is when it boils very hard even when you are stirring.  I also learned this can take forever when you are stirring and stirring and stirring.  But I did it and it came out great.

The next time I will use less sugar.  The recipe I used called for 4 cups of peaches and 5 1/2 cups of sugar.  It came out quite a bit too sweet, plus I didn’t have any lemon juice.  I think I will cut back to 4 1/2 cups of sugar and definitely use the lemon juice.

I was so proud of this jam that my sister, who had a baby yesterday, called to talk about the baby and I couldn’t shut up about the jam.  You would have sworn I had the baby.  Oh well – it is her third baby and my very first time to make jam 🙂  Just kidding, of course.


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One response to “When Life Gives you Dirty Laundry, Make Peach Jam

  1. Just a note..
    you can’t really play with the sugar content in jams and jellys. It is what helps everything gel.

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