The Fresh Egg Experiment

 I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve never had fresh eggs straight from the farm until recently.  My 3rd grader has a teacher who lives on a farm.  She sells fresh eggs on Friday.  My daughter came home the first day of school so excited to buy fresh eggs.  This is actually right up her alley.  Friday FINALLY came and she brought home 1 dozen fresh eggs.

We scrambled some up right away and we immediately noticed a few outer differences.  The yolk takes up most of the egg – it’s huge.  It’s also bright orange, the color of sharp cheddar.  When I grabbed my whisk and started scrambling, the yolks broke right up.  They weren’t tough at all.  My daughter couldn’t wait to taste her bright orange eggs and give me her observations.  She observed that the white part was tougher to eat than yolk – opposite of store bought eggs.  She also noted that these were delicious.

This inspired me to do a little research and here’s what I found.

Thanks to a 2007 study by Mother Earth News that took egg samples from 14 different flocks, there is some pretty good data to back up the claim that free range or pastured eggs are better for you. Here are some of the benefits:

1) Less Cholesterol: According to the study there was 1/3 less cholesterol in the free-range eggs.

2) Less Saturated Fat: Mother Earth News found 25% less saturated fat in the pastured chicken eggs.

3) More Vitamin A and E: Vitamin A helps in all sorts of areas including vision, skin health, immune function, and so much more.

4) Extra Omega-3s: We are constantly learning more about the Omega-3s, but there has already been a lot of research pointing to benefits for people with heart concerns. Double the Omega-3s is a good thing.

It looks like we will be enjoying fresh eggs any time we can get them.


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