Quick Variations on an Old Favorite – French Toast

My 6 year old requests French Toast often.  Only she doesn’t refer to it as French Toast.  She says, “I want that yummy stuff with powdered sugar on top.”  I guess the powdered sugar has made an impression.  I think we’ll be making it more when school starts.  It’s relatively healthy – powdered sugar and all.  It’s also super quick and simple.  If you are like me, you’ll quickly tire of making the same old boring French Toast.  I’ve made a list of delicious on hand ingredients you can add to your egg mixture to mix it up a bit.

Maple syrup – Just a tablespoon goes a long way to sweeten things up.

Almond extract – Anything other than vanilla will change it considerably.

Microwaved jam or jelly – Heating the jam turns it into a liquid that mixes in easily.

Flavored coffee cream – Substitute some of your milk for flavored coffee cream.

Please share your favorite French Toast add-ins.  I’d love to hear what other creative moms are doing.



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2 responses to “Quick Variations on an Old Favorite – French Toast

  1. Loney

    I add cinnamon and nutmeg most of the time.

    We have also added pumpkin in the fall. We call it halloween toast. (Tastes like pumpkin pie). Add all spice to the mix as well.

    Banannas and pecans on top are a favorite.

    I have to agree powered sugar makes a huge difference.

  2. Wow – those sound awesome, Loney. French Toast here we come.

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