Baked Goods – The Perfect Gift

I love to bake for friends or family.  The main reason I like giving baked goods is because it radiates warmth – straight from the heart.  Most people are so pleasantly surprised by baked goods.  I find there is no greater gesture.

There are so many good reasons to bake up a yummy treat for someone.  It might be a friend who has had surgery or been sick, someone who has recently had a baby, a neighbor who has returned from a long trip, or someone who’s simply had a bad day.  I also love to bake as a way to say Thank you.   The reasons are endless.  Just know that when you bake for someone, you absolutely make their day.

You can bake home-made quick breads and give loaves as gifts.  You can bake a variety of cookies.  A pie or a plate of brownies make the perfect gift.  Get creative and start spreading sunshine in the form yumminess.

Whatever message you are bringing, a plate of cookies is the best way to get that message across.


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