Foil Packets – Perfect for Camping

I would seriously go camping every single weekend of the summer if I could.  In fact, our camping tour is beginning this weekend and with any luck at all won’t end until late August.  With camping comes the hassle of figuring out what to cook.  We often take turns cooking for multiple families, so I need something I can make a lot of easily and ahead of time.  Foil packets are perfect.  They fit all of my criteria.  They are super easy, they are very versatile, I can make them ahead of time, they store well in the cooler, and they cook easily over the grill or campfire.

Not that I’ve sold you on the idea, what do you need for your foil packet?  To assemble your foil packet, you need one protein (fish, chicken, pork chops, or ground beef.)  I recommend something thin and boneless for quicker cook time.  You need one starch (rice or potatoes.)   You can get really creative with your vegetables (carrots, mushrooms, onions, peas.)  And last seasoning (I use a packet of onion soup mix) and about 1 T of  liquid (soy sauce, broth, white wine.)  Mix and match.

To make the actual foil packet, simply arrange food (per serving) on a 12 inch long sheet of foil – doubled over.  Fold double layered foil over the food on each side.  Fold ends again and crimp.

Place on the grill or in hot coals for about 15 – 20 minutes.  Enjoy!

Happy Camping!


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