Summer Snackin’

Summer is coming, which means snacking and lots of it.  Here are some things you can try if you are battling constant snacking.

 One thing that I love about being the grocery shopper is that I get to determine what foods come into our house.  Always remember that they can’t eat what you don’t buy.  That is so simple, yet I think it escapes us sometimes.  If you want them to eat less junk and more fruits, buy less junk and more fruits.

Are you hungry or bored?  Often times, especially in the summer, kids eat out of boredom.  They are never too young to ask them if they are eating because they are hungry or bored.  If I suspect mine are just bored, I will ask them.  They are usually very honest and this helps establish that awareness.

The kitchen is closed.  My kitchen (pantry and fridge included) is closed 2 hours before each meal.  They get a notice at 10:00 and 4:00 that this is the last chance to grab a snack before lunch or dinner.  This will prevent them from being full when it actually is meal time.

Pack snacks.  It’s so fun to go to the zoo, park, pool, etc. in the summer.  Go loaded with snacks.  You’ll avoid eating over priced junk food.

Grazing – cut up fruit, baby carrots, pistachios, almonds, and dried fruit – these are all great, healthy things to leave out for grazing.  You’ll be surprised how quickly they get eaten when put out.


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