Give your bones some TLC

May is National Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month. Nationwide, 50 percent of all women and 25 percent of men over age 50 will suffer an osteoporosis-related bone fracture in their lifetime, so it’s important to have a diet full of calcium and vitamin D. In addition to your diet, maintaining a healthy weight and fitting exercise (walking, running, swimming, etc.) into your daily life are also critical.

Here are 12 great calcium-rich foods to add to your weekly grocery list:

  1. Milk
  2. Yogurt
  3. Cheese
  4. Broccoli
  5. Kale
  6. Chick Peas
  7. Baked Beans
  8. Walnuts
  9. Almonds
  10. Salmon
  11. Tofu
  12. Spinach

And for a treat…try cheesecake, rice pudding or ice cream – yum!

For more information on how much calcium you and your family needs, click here.


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One response to “Give your bones some TLC

  1. Good news…the top three were on my shopping list yesterday!

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