How to: Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed is the ultimate luxury for any busy mother, especially if it’s done right.

Here are my tips for the husbands and family’s out there on how to do breakfast in bed the right way. And if you want to give your significant other a major hint, just print these tips and put it on the fridge – sometimes letting them know exactly what you want can be the simplest way.

1)  Use a sturdy tray that won’t tip over and is big enough to hold several dishes.

2)  Bring something to read, such as the newspaper, up with breakfast.

3)  Fresh flowers (just from outside) make a great touch.

4)  Clean the dishes you dirtied making breakfast before Mom finishes eating in bed.

5)  Carry glasses with liquids separately, not on the tray.

6)  It’s the thought that counts and we will love anything we didn’t have make.

7)  Don’t wait until her birthday, Mother’s Day or your anniversary to do this – make a semi-frequent, yet special event.

What are your breakfast in bed tips?


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