May is National Family Month

May is National Family Month –  a great time to celebrate the importance of family and an opportunity to spend time together.

As you can imagine, one of my family’s favorite ways to spend time together is at the dinner table…although my kids might have some other ideas in mind…

Being together at mealtime is the perfect time of day to catch up and check-in on things. Plus, everyone has to eat, right?

But there are of course many things you can do together beyond just sitting around the dinner table. Here are some of my favorite meal/food-related activities to do together as a family in honor of National Family Month.

  1. After dinner walks – There is nothing better on a nice summer night than an after dinner walk. Either we all walk or the kids can take their bikes, and we stroll around the neighborhood or go to a nearby park.
  2. Farmer’s Market – I love this time of year when the market’s begin to open. It’s a great way to teach your kids about different produce and introduce them to cooking. Plus there is always so much more than just food available as many markets have art, crafts, entertainment, etc.
  3. Al Fresco eating. Dining out as a family (al fresco) is a great spring/summertime activity. Reserve a table at your favorite outdoor patio restaurant, or plan a picnic dinner at a neighborhood park (bring toys/activities).
  4. Outdoor Oasis. Make it a family tradition to create an “outdoor oasis” each year by putting out your outdoor furniture on your deck, patio or in the back yard. Get the kids involved in some fun ideas such as hanging lanterns, picking out some fun summer plastic plates/cups, etc. – be creative!

It takes conscious effort to slow down and enjoy family time together. Many of us are always in a hurry or rushing from one thing to the next, but this month make an effort to spend time as a family – plan a few fun outings or gatherings.

What are your family’s favorite summertime outdoor activies?


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