Upgrade Your Family’s Meal

In a recent news release Americans were urged to give their family’s meals an “upgrade.” What do they mean by an upgrade? It means preparing your family’s favorite meals with less fat and calories by making smart choices and adjusting the ingredients.

As part of this initiative by Shape Up, America! And National Turkey Federation (NTF), a public education campaign was launched to educate people about how to make small changes in meal preparation. The program was developed in response to First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative to fight childhood obesity.

I think one of the coolest aspects of this campaign is the Meal Upgrade Calculator – an online tool to show you how to adjust your favorite meals by changing some of the ingredients (meat, poultry, side dishes, condiments, etc.),  to decrease the amount of fat and calories in your recipes.

I checked out the site and it looks like they have about 24 recipes on there now with plans to add more. For instance in a traditional lasagna recipe – their “upgrade” ideas included using turkey sausage, non-fat milk ricotta cheese, part skim mozzarella cheese and light salad dressing for a side salad.

In my house we are pretty educated about those simple changes, but for many Americans out there this is a great resource to start teaching your family about simple ways they can change their diet lifestyle.

Check out the Meal Upgrade Calculator at ShapeUp.org.

Does anyone have their own tricks for making your family’s favorite dishes healthier without sacrificing the taste?


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  1. On behalf of the National Turkey Federation, we’d like to thank you for including this on your blog. For more updates about the Meal Upgrade Calculator and news about turkey, follow us on Twitter (@turkeygal).

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