Sneak in veggies to your family’s meals

As a parent, I’m always looking for ways to add more vegetables into my children’s (and husband’s) diet. Veggies regulate your appetite, prevent obesity and promote good health.

In a recent segment on ABC Phoenix, Patty James, a certified natural chef and nutritionist and author of “More Vegetables, Please,” a cookbook with over 100 easy and delicious recipes for eating healthy foods every day, shared 10 easy tips for getting your children to eat their veggies. The stigma of “vegetables are gross” can hopefully be a thing of the past in your household…if you follow some of these tricks.

Six of our favorite tips include:

1. Old favorites with a twist. Prepare your child’s favorite recipe but find a way to add in some veggies. For example, add tiny cut up carrots, peas and broccoli to macaroni and cheese.

2. Add them to your eggs. When scrambling up eggs in the morning, add sautéed chopped onions, garlic, or spinach.

3. Soups are a great place to throw in some veggies. Add carrots, celery or peppers to chicken soup or noodle soup. Or serve minestrone soup that is already packed with veggies.

4. Bring your child to the grocery store or Farmer’s Market with you to get them interested in produce shopping.  Have them pick out a new veggie to try each week. Make it fun.

5. Try grating zucchini or beets into brownies or chocolate cake – they’ll never be able to tell!

6. Ask for help. One great way to get children interested in food and cooking is to have them help with meal planning and preparation.

To read the entire “Top 10” list and watch the segment, click here.

Good luck “hiding”!


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