Pre-Sliced and Pre-Divided Food: The Cost Breakdown

In today’s world the grocery store has items that are all about convenience. 100-calorie packs, snack packs of pre-sliced fruit and more. Theses items are perfect for the busy parent on the go. But, while all of these modern grocer amenities are mighty fine, if you’re trying to cut back on costs, you may want to re-consider making these items part of your weekly shopping routine. Maybe just save for multi-tasking mom emergency moments.

Real Simple magazine’s January issue included the following numbers:

  • Sliced green apples, $5.79/pound; regular green apples, $1.29/pound. You’ll save $4.50/pound.
  • A bag of prewashed romaine lettuce, $3.25; a head of romaine, $1.99. You’ll save $1.26
  • 12 1.4-ounce snack-packs of brand-name cookies, $7.95; regular 16-ounce package of name-brand cookies, $5.39. You’ll save $2.08 for 16 ounces.

Astonishing.  We all knew we were probably paying a premium, but that is quite a cost difference!  Of course as parents we all have those moments when we need to buy for convenience – when you are in a rush or going to have busy week, but just remember buying the regular size, dividing into snack-size portions at home could allow you and your family major savings!


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