What are your kids snacking on?

According to Health Affairs Journal, American kids snack three times a day and chips, candy and other junk foods now account for more than 27 percent of children’s daily caloric intake.  This is an increased 168 calories per day in kids diets since 1966.  So what are your kids snacking on?

 The great thing about snacks is that most snacks come from home.  That means the person doing the grocery shopping is the person deciding what snacks make it through the front door.  Do you have snack policies in place or is it an anything, any time policy?

 We have simple snack rules in place.  All of our “junkie” snacks go into the “junk” basket.  These things include fruit gushers and roll-ups, snack cakes, chocolate granola bars – pretty much any thing that comes in a box gets dumped into the basket.  The kids are allowed 1 thing a day from the “junk” basket.  Outside of that they can have something from the always present fruit bowl, baby carrots, a string cheese, a yogurt, or an applesauce as long as it isn’t getting close to a meal time. 

 I personally don’t buy soft drinks and I keep the junk food I buy to a minimum.  These rules are simple but avoid constant pestering.  It takes all of the guess work out of it.  I feel like it is also instilling good decision making habits without making it a constant issue.


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