Top 20 restaurant trends in 2010 – simple and new age

I ran across an article lately on the’s “Nutrition Wise” blog on the 20 trends (as identified by Restaurants and Institutions magazine) expected to drive the foodservice business in 2010.

While I love preparing home-cooked meals for my family, who doesn’t enjoy a meal out from time-to-time? Especially since we have so many fabulous restaurant varieties available today – different flavors, prices, atmospheres, etc.

The top 10 trends include:

  1. Affordable cuts of meat. Just watch out for fatty cuts.
  2. Latin-Asian fusion. A great blend of two flavorful cuisines.
  3. Midday dining. Speedy and value-oriented choices.
  4. Beer (pairings). Paired like wine and blended into sauces, braises and even desserts.
  5. “Better” burgers. Lower in fat and more gourmet.
  6. Eggs. Fried and served on top of burgers, sandwiches, salads and pizzas, or hard boiled and marinated, and offered as bar snacks.
  7. Drugstore-counter desserts. Milkshakes, floats, sugar-sweetened soda and full-fat ice cream. Back to the 50s!
  8. Downscale dining. Taco shacks, burger joints, sandwich shops.
  9. Meatless meals. For health and environmental sustainability.
  10. Deep-fried. Beyond friend chicken, add fried apple pies and fried pickles to the list.

From what I see, the 2010 restaurant trends seem to be a mix of going back to a simpler time (i.e. eggs, downscale dining), mixed with a few newer age ideas (i.e. Latin-Asian fusion and beer pairings). I’m excited to take some of these ideas back to my own kitchen.

Click here to read the next 10 that include an eclectic mix of trends such as low carbon footprint dining, coal-fired pizzas, high tea and lamb.

What trends are you seeing?  Which ones are you intrigued by?


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