Foods not just Mikey will like

I think as parents, we assume that our kids won’t like certain foods.  My kids have always loved humus and I assumed most kids did.  My experience last week taught me otherwise. 

My daughter’s girl scout troop represented Greece at World Thinking Day.  Our food was humus, of course.  I was in charge of giving samples to all the girls that came past our table.  I was shocked that only about 10% of the 200 girls (5 – 12 yrs. old) had ever tried it.  Those 10% couldn’t wait for their sample.  Of the remaining 90%, about half of those kids were willing to try it.  I would say that almost 95% of the kids who tried it for the first time loved it.  Some even asked for more.

So, what does this tell you?  That your kids will probably love humus, in spite of how easy and healthy it is?  YES – EXACTLY!!

What else might they like that you’ve never thought to give them?

One big one is Edamame – also known as soybeans.  It’s one of my kids all time favorite foods.  It’s important to buy it in the pod.  Half of the fun is shelling it.  I steam it in the bag it comes in.  I then toss it in soy sauce and salt.  They go nuts for it.  Even picky husbands will love it.  The best part is that it is so good for them.

How about avocado?  My kids aren’t crazy about guacamole, but love plain avocado.  In fact, they prefer all of their vegetables un-messed with.  Just because your kids don’t like steamed broccoli, doesn’t mean they won’t like it plain.  Try serving new things, but also try serving old things in a new way.

Try these things out on your pickiest eaters.  They just might surprise you.


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