Meals for a year: could you do it?

Can you imagine planning your family’s meals for a year?  How about even a month straight? Are you thinking, “I’m just not that organized?”

Well, one Texas mom makes “meals for a year” look easy.

After Leslie Chisholm and her husband realized how much money they were spending on groceries, often wasting food that they didn’t end up using, she decided to start meal planning in a serious way…for the year!

Here is how she did it:

  1. Leslie asked her four boys what they like and don’t like. She wanted each meal to be well balanced with vegetables, meat, sides, etc.
  2. She opened up the calendar and assigned an entrée and side to each day of the year, penciling in a few days a month for leftovers.

Sounds doable, right?

Leslie said her trick to success is buying in bulk and then separating once she gets home.  For example, she’ll buy a large quantity of ground beef, but before it hits the freezer, she’ll divide it into portions for her family’s meals so it’s easy to prepare.

Meal planning is a great way to save money and time, and reduce stress. If you know what you’re going to have for dinner, it makes the day a bit easier – one less thing to worry about.

I know some people like to cook what they are in the mood for that day or week, but I’m sure even Leslie and her family stray from the plan once in a while?  With meal planning you can start small.  Try planning out just three meals a week and see how much it will simplify your life…and save your wallet.

Share with us your meal planning tips!


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