Experiments are great, but not for trying out on company

You’ve heard it over and over.  You should never try a brand new recipe to take somewhere or for company.  We all do it anyway.  Just recently I’ve had two friends regret this decision.  One friend, showed up for my Super Bowl party fretting over the new dip she brought.  “It sounded so good on paper, but it’s not very good at all.”  Does this sound familiar?  The dip was actually not bad all, but she worried about it and apologized for it all night.  How much better would it have been if she had made something she was confident that everyone would love? 

Another friend made a cake and brought it to her co-workers.  She said the icing was so sweet that everyone had to scrape it off.  Again, this could have been easily avoided. 

If you don’t already have a few favorite dishes that you can bring or make, start experimenting.  Try those recipes first that sound so good on paper.  Ask friends for some of their favorites.  We all love for people to ooh and ahh over our food.  So remember…  No matter how good it sounds,  always stick to something you’ve tried and loved.


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